Your skin is my canvas

Flawless Skin
Perfect Skin

Your skin is my canvas and your skin preparation, before your big day, can make a huge difference in how your makeup will look.

Makeup can hide all sorts of flaws, redness, unevenness of skin tone, pimples, scars and even help shrink open pores but it can’t hide everything

Blackheads, raised lumps, cold sores are a few of the things makeup can’t help but a good beauty regime before your special day can certainly help.

Cleansing, toning and moisturising are the basics but it is a good idea, at least 6 months before or earlier, to start with exfoliating once a week, using a mask and think about what you are eating and drinking and how that will affect your skin.

Drinking enough water will help keep the skin hydrated and flush out toxins. Visit a reputable beauty therapist to work out which products are best suited to your skin. It is well worth the investment. A facial once a month will also help enormously.

I often say to people “don’t start with new products and treatments just before the wedding”, with good reason. Your skin may react to new treatments and products. I did not take my own advice and had a collagen hydrating treatment 2 weeks before my own wedding, thinking pffft I will be fine and even booked a 2nd for the week of the wedding. Well I had to ring my beauty therapist and report to her it certainly made me look younger…. Like a 13 year old who had just hit puberty! Pimples!!! So she assured me it may have been the facial scrub and suggested we skipped that and still go for the collagen. Woops it wasn’t the scrub it was the collagen treatment and 3 days before my wedding I had those pesky pimples again! Luckily on the day my skin had settled and all was well.

I recommend qualified beauty therapists to recommend products as they have studied and been trained to recommend the products they are selling. Steer clear of the “home sellers”, they really are not qualified to assess your skin correctly.

The better your skin the better your makeup will be and the more flawless you will look.