It’s time to go cruelty free makeup and hair products

Editorial Hair and Makeup
Cruelty Free Makeup Artist

It’s time to go cruelty free.

Recently I was asked to do a photo shoot for a cosmetic company which had just received its cruelty free and leaping bunny logo. This got me thinking, a lot. For many years it has been on my conscious that many of the products I use, in my work, are tested on animals. It was once a matter of not enough choices, the quality was not up to standard and even in some cases the products were not available. This made things tough as an ethically minded makeup artist and hairdresser.

Fortunately times have change. There is no excuse, for any of us, to choose to use products that are not cruelty free. From makeup, hair styling products, even to our everyday health and cleaning products. These items are now all available.

So as each item runs out, which is made by a company which does test on animals, even those that use the term “only tested when required by law”, meaning the products are sold in China and China requires all products be tested on animals, these products will no longer be in my kit or in my home and will be replaced by certified cruelty free products. Looking forward to discovering some new alternatives and also staying loyal to those Professional brands which are or always have been cruelty free accredited.